My name is Naomi and I am a college senior double-majoring in Japanese and International Relations and minoring in Economics. I hope to work in the hospitality or travel industry someday serving guests with excellent service. I originally created this blog when I first started traveling abroad without my parents so they wouldn’t ask me so many questions, but it has since evolved into a place to practice my Japanese writing skills and perhaps share some random adventures along the way. I am in no way a professional content creator nor do I upload the perfect instagrammable photos, but I enjoy writing and keeping a diary of some fun memories. Please feel free to write a comment if you would like. Thanks for reading!

 GiGi the Neko

GiGi is a 8-year-old domesticated short hair tuxedo cat that was adopted from Purrfect Cat Rescue when she was just an 8-week-old kitten. Although she is super adorable and photogenic, her looks are deceiving as she is quite evil and does not like to be petted. She prefers exploring and playing and is still quite the active kitty. GiGi is very smart and knows how to look cute to get her way. Even though you may not be able to cuddle GiGi like you can with other cats, she enjoys following me around and sleeping at the foot of my bed.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Really liking what I’ve seen so far of your blog! It’s neat to see what Japan is like through the eyes of someone around my same age and has some of the same interests. I have quick question not really tied to the topic of Japanese though. What made you want to get into high quality service? I’m wondering because since I was really young, like 8, I have wanted to be a butler. Although my life has been led in a different direction for now I still can’t get rid of that dream completely.

    1. I want to enter into hospitality (hotel or airline) because my grandma is a travel agent and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel with her many times and seen how great of service I’ve received, so now I want to give that kind of service!

      1. That’s awesome! I wish you the best of luck. If you ever do any posts on the kind of training you go through along with schooling I’d be interested in reading through that.

      2. Thanks so much! Yeah I definitely will, however the program won’t start until like June. Anyways, I was wondering how you found your full-time career so quickly. Most of my friends who are 22 just graduated and are still looking for a job or in a job that they aren’t crazy about.

      3. Well, short story is, I started web designing in high school and just did it as a way to make a little money. Then when I started college I worked as a student designer in IT and then they liked me a lot and hired me full-time as an employee. I updated my about page a little too with some information about it as well.

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